Thursday, 8 May 2014


So when I started writing my blog posts, I received a message that went something like this:
"Your religion is a load of ********"
"If you believe in god doesnt that mean you are religious!?"
"Keep your **** religion to yourself"

Let me just say, I'm not religious.
I'm reading "Soul Detox" by Craig Groeschel and he puts it as follows, [and this is exactly what I'd say back to that person]:

•Religion is about me.
•The gospel is about Jesus.

•Religion highlights my efforts to do what is right.
•The gospel highlights what Christ has already done.

•Religion lures me to believe that if I obey God he will love me.
•The gospel shows me that because God loves me, I get to obey him.

•Religion puts the burden on us - we have to do what is right.
•A relationship with Christ puts the burden on him - because of what he did for us, we get     to do what is right.

I'll say again - following Jesus doesn't mean that I am religious, it wouldn't mean that you are religious. Religious focus on the external rather than the internal.

Jesus came to give us the good news of eternal life - not religion.
What do you want?

I'll keep you posted.