Monday, 2 October 2017

My Wish for Girls

Having head space is a beautiful thing. It allows the mind to ponder what it wishes to ponder. This morning, being the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL 2017 I felt the urge to write down my wish for this (and the next) generation of girls. As my pondering unraveled, I realised this wish would become a list (and not even an exhaustive one):

  1. That girls can walk down the street without fear of being cat-called
  2. That girls can enjoy a night out without fear of being spiked (or more)
  3. That girls aren't treated differently from boys
  4. That girls aren't restricted by gender stereotypes
  5. That girls aren’t judged on their appearance
  6. That girls have a fair, diverse and positive representation in the media
  7. That girls feel empowered in their contexts
  8. That girls move away from competing
  9. That girls don't feel fear from 'man'
  10. That girls don't feel they have to display their body to gain their worth

You may disagree, you may agree - that's ok. I want to encourage you to ponder your own wish for girls, and whilst you're at it, your one for boys too.

In response, my commitment is to turn these wishes into prayers and to continue the work of Belle to create a positive impact on girls in the 21st century.

My hope is that my upcoming book will champion girls across the nation and turn some of these wishes into a reality. 

Until next time xxx