Thursday, 4 December 2014


As some of you may know, I have a heart and a passion for working with girls on self-worth. The pressures placed on girls today seem higher than ever.

People have always said "oh it's the media's fault" and to be honest I brushed them statements under the carpet thinking - pffftt nah.

However, last week when researching, I came upon the TED talk by the model Cameron Russell. And it's been playing on my mind ever since. It completely angered me to be honest, and turned everything that I'd seen in the 'media' upside down. She proceeded to show the professional model shots compared with a photo taken of her the same day or a few days previous. Here's a couple examples;

It shocked me because I knew I looked at these pictures in the magazines thinking "damn I wish I looked like that...IF ONLY..." but, as Cameron puts it "these groups of professionals simply create constructions...that's not me". So - all these pictures that are bombarded at us in magazines, on the TV, in adverts (etc.) aren't necessarily real - they are literally constructions? 

It felt like everything I'd seen was a lie?! And maybe I'm being slightly dramatic but do you know what, I don't actually think I am.

What angers me is that companies chuck these images of perfection at us purposely to make us feel insecure so that we buy whatever product they're selling because that just might make us feel a bit better about ourselves. 

I proceeded to look into all this photoshopping stuff only to find heaps of videos of women completely transformed with many clicks of the cursor (they can even apply mascara, lipstick, you-name-it-they-do-it using photoshop!) It is unbelievable.

Returning back to Cameron's talk she goes on to say what models apparently never say on camera..."I'm insecure". That in the modelling industry, the women with the "skinniest thighs and shiniest hair" are insecure because "they have to think about how they look every day".

Now what's the biggest shocker there for you?

For me, it was that for so many years I've strived to be like these images of perfection that are bombarded onto the screens infront of me. I've put the bar of expectation of how I think I should look mega high. I've stressed over having them "skinniest thighs" - yet, even the models with the skinniest thighs still aren't content...they're life isn't now sussed...they're life isn't now perfect - how I thought mine would be. They're insecure? 

So do you know what? Girls all across the world are striving for these unattainable goals that ultimately won't even produce satisfaction. They're looking at themselves in the mirror and hating on what they see because it's not how so-and-so looks on the front of that magazine. Oh and if we do reach those slightly more attainable goals of, let's say - 'shredding that extra pound of weight' - we'll want more. The battle won't be over. That won't be enough. It's a never ending circle spiralling out of control.

Something has to be done.

The reflections we see in the mirror should not be distorted by "socially constructed ideas of beauty". They should be plastered in truth. 

I'll keep you posted.